About Brant

“A creative and resourceful business professional capable of learning quickly and succeeding in a challenging and diverse environment. He would be an asset to any organization where there is a need for innovation, and an intelligent and visionary business builder.”

David Gee, President, Gee Communications

“Brant earned the trust of the entire organization and vendor community. At the successful conclusion of the project, the project was completed in record time, under the very tight budget guidelines established, and the quality achieved was best in class.”

Peter Meyer, Executive Vice President, GPM Investments

“The project was late, communications were poor and the customer was unhappy. Brant turned this situation completely around.”

John Petze, President & CEO, Tridium

“I would like to express my personal gratitude for the efforts of Brant Huddleston in leading the project to fruition from the IBM side. Although he has since moved on to other projects, his commitment to the success of ServiceArizona was invaluable. He had a sense of mission on behalf of IBM and an understanding of Arizona’s needs that enabled him to recognize critical issues and work diligently to resolve them. His professionalism is an asset to your organization.”

Governor Jane D. Hull, State of Arizona, in a letter to IBM CEO Louis Gerstner

“We considered all the professionals we have worked with over the years, and as a group decided you were the most likely to be ‘Asianized’ [adaptable to our culture and way of doing things].”

A representative from the Government of Singapore

“Brant is one of those rare individuals who has both a command of technical issues and a strong sense of design. I recommend Brant for any endeavor that requires a creative mind, effective communication, thorough problem-solving, and inspirational leadership.”

Tori Bogardus, President/Owner, WebWorx, Inc.


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